i haven’t been to the seaside since before primary school sdfghjjllk

i’m on a ship on my way to the town where we’re gonna spend for the rest of this week and behind where i’m sitting are the rudest most shit eating kids ever

the worthless trash heaps keep kicking at my chair hoping i’d give em attention and keep debating extremely loudly whether i’m a girl or not


eyo tumblr

i’ll be back by the end of this week


One more body shouldn’t matter, right?

i think i wanna marry her


a commission for FR treasure done for carvedwhalebones =o= ! teague martin and the outsider being smirky and mischievous. also this is probably something that everyone and their cousin has drawn before ooooopsie


my sona being gross

(don’t tag this as ‘ME’ or any variety of that, i will throttle you)


Gustave Doré - L’Ascension du Mont Cervin


i got him from hodeskalle@dA
he is my bb child


John Galliano Fall 2012